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Grind In Silence. Let Your Success Be Your Noise.

Grind in Silence aims to develop a system of connecting over 100+ entrepreneurs, PR pros, media mavens and business owners within various parts of each community. Creating an avenue for multiple industries to network, build and create both day and night.


Grind In Silence. Let Your Success Be Your Noise.

Normalizing that you don't have to rely on social media to be considered on the grind.

Proving that failures and stagnation are necessary for success.

Engage the community with those who aren't engaged.


Grind In Silence. Let Your Success Be Your Noise.

Grind in Silence aims to mix a melting pot of creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners who show up mentally everyday but not always physically. This series represents the everyday pros who are not always on the front line but always on the grind. Normalizing the balance of protecting energy and doing before saying, this is a movement in support of all aspiring goal getters. Grind in silence. Let your success be your noise. 

      Take Action On The World Today

Donate In Silence. Let Your Voice Be Heard.

Thompson's Topic Public Relations is a Black Owned Woman-led Agency and we stand against injustice, racism nd brutality. The color of your skin should NOT determine how you are treated. The Black community outrage is a call to action for each and every human on every level to do better, to speak up, and be apart of the solution. Though Thompson's Topic PR represents diversity in clients, it is with all our right to preserve and acknowledge the culture we are from. Here's how you can help make a change in society below:

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Sign The Walter Wallace Jr. Petition